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זיו נעורים

Ziv Neurim

In the Ziv Neurim project we travel to Ashdod and take part in various water sports like surfing, SAP, canoeing and more.

The use of the sea, its power and the hardships it provides, in the face of its inherent beauty and the enjoyment it provides, allows our young members to maximize their leadership abilities, while coping with the challenges and enjoying the experience.

The water activity in a marine environment is both challenging and rewarding, providing a means to empower our members. The activity helps them connect to themselves and to what stands before them, allowing each of them to realize and maximize their own personal potential, leading to their own successful integration into all areas of life.


Ziv Neurim (The Program Operator):

Ziv Neurim Association was established in 2000 by graduates of Shayetet13.

The organization is focused on preventing teens from dropping out of the education system, by providing an annual educational program conducted in a maritime environment.

By connecting the participants to the sea, and developing skills by means of acquiring nautical skills through sailing yachts and small vessels, the organization seeks to provide youth with values and tools for life, to help them develop their abilities in other areas of their lives

The organization is named after the Navy fighter, Ziv Levi R.I.P, who fell in the line of duty.

Program Objectives:

  1. Empowering youth by means of challenging and interactive experiences.

  2. Development of leadership skills within younger age groups.

  3. Developing and fortifying inner capacity – Even when we it is difficult, we do not  give up!

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