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קדמה מלמעלה

About the village

The Kedma Youth Village is a scholar-educational-therapeutic program, one of its kind in the country, which includes a school for the 8th-12th grade, dormitory, agricultural farm and a rich therapeutic array. The village has taken as a goal to give hope to pupils in the ages of 13-18 who dropped out of the educational programs, and allow them to acquire proper education, fit for their skills and personal abilities, making them believe in their capabilities to reach worthy achievements and a better future. The village answers all their needs, generates bountiful opportunities to experience success and escorts the pupils in their way for self-fulfillment.

The village resides in Yoav Regional Council, on road 40, between Kyriat Malachi and Kyriat Gat. It is found at the heart of a green rural area, filled with fields and orchards, which gives it a unique and magical country atmosphere.

The village was raised in the year 1979 on the lands of Kibutz Kedma, which was one of 11 settlements in the Negev. The village was founded by the Ministry of Education and the residents of Kibutz Hatzerim who decided to help teens who have not found their way through society.

The village is supervised and operates under the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Affairs, and accommodates about 100 pupils from all over the country. It operates about 105 staff personnel: teachers, mentors, farm staff, therapeutic staff, Service Year volunteers, soldiers serving as teachers, and more, all found here to bestow love on the pupils throughout all the hours of the day.


The village includes:

  • A school which views each pupil as a complete world in itself, providing professional and innovative knowledge while consummating the potential in each individual. More about the school>>

  • Dormitories generating a home and gamily to the pupils. In the dormitories are held extracurricular activities and fun, exciting and unique gatherings which enrich the pupils’ world. More about the dormitories>>

  • An agricultural farm which include horse stables, petting zoo, carpentry, bee hives, welding workshop and gardening, all operating as part of the therapeutic process of the pupils, while allowing their connection to nature. More about the agricultural farm>>

  • A rich therapeutic array accompanying the pupils from the moment they arrive in Kedma, and throughout their path there. The therapies are accustomed to the pupils and include a variety of treatments like therapy through art, through animals, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), sexual assault therapy, therapy to halt abuse of psychoactive materials and more. More about the thearapeutic array>>

  • The village operates a graduates department which escorts pupils who have graduated from the village. The department escorts the graduates into their army service, and after their discharge into their adult life and employment world. More about the graduates department>>

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