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Extracurricular Activities

At Kedma Youth Village we see great importance in Extracurricular Activities and in exposing the pupils to different and varied worlds.

The village operates a variety of extracurricular activities that allow our pupils to choose the classes to which they feel connected. The activities open up a new content world and enable the creation of a wide range of experiences, specializing in subjects and fields that interest the pupils, engaging in positive content and creating diverse groups around common subjects of interest.

The classes operating in the village today include:

  • Riding and horseback riding classes - The pupils get to handle and ride horses, and learn through them how to communicate, as well as compassion, empathy and improve their sense of ability. In recent years, a cooperation with the Wingate Institute has been made to generate young riding instructor courses for outstanding pupils.

  • Ping Pong - pupils experience this challenging sport along with thinking, planning and execution. The activity is enjoyable and provides the pupils with both sports and leisure hours.

  • Gym - The fitness center is open every day in the afternoon. It includes many exercising machines where the pupils can practice and strengthen. The training is accompanied by qualified fitness instructors.

  • Music - In the music activities our pupils teach, train and play many instruments: guitar, drums, keyboards, vocals and more. The pupils find a special place in the courses to create and develop and are accompanied by teachers who breathe and live music.

  • Art – our pupils are able to create and relax, prepare new material and discover their talents in the art classes.

  • "Conquering Heights" - a unique program for preparation for a meaningful military service. Physical and mental preparation provided by veterans of elite units. Together, the pupils train and build an effort bar, meet veterans of combat units and receive lessons about the Land of Israel and the army.

  • Orienteering - The tour is held once every month and a half, during which the pupils go on a trip of several days, each time to a different place in Israel. They learn to know the country by foot and learn to live under camping conditions.

  • "Ziv Neurim" Surfing Class - In this class our pupils go to Ashkelon where they learn seamanship - surfing, SUP surfing, kayaks and more. Staying at sea brings about difficulties that are not usually encountered on a daily basis - extreme weather, listening, physical and mental challenges and more.

  • Soccer - The soccer club is held twice a week, and professionally coaches our pupils. On Saturdays there are tournaments, and during the month there are training games with other groups in the region and peak events of tournaments against other youth villages.

  • Follow me to the field - a class for the young pupils in which they go through activities together, learn to know the area, get along, travel, read a map and more.

  • Biking - twice a week the pupils go to the field around Kedma and on Fridays they go on great, long trips away from Kedma. The activity challenges the pupils and introduces them to different areas of the country.

  • Karate - This class introduces the pupils to the art of karate. It teaches the pupils sportsmanship, restraint, control of violence and more.

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