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סח"י ביחד

Unique mercy patrol (Sakhi)

Unique mercy patrol - Is a revolutionary program by which youth found on the continuum of risk become responsible and caring citizens. It is based on an innovative model that creates a partnership with the youth, instills in them a sense of belonging along with social and communal vitality, and promotes values ​​of personal responsibility.

The program began with two volunteers who lit a bonfire at night in a poor neighborhood in Kiryat Gat. They began to talk to "street youth" and instead of offering help, they asked for their help in helping others to find needy families in the neighborhood, and the teens joined the mission. Within a short period of time, Sakhi has grown into 24 youth groups operating throughout the country in neighborhoods that are considered peripheral socially and geographically, in which about 700 youth aged 13-18 are working on a Weekly basis and throughout the year.

The activity focuses on neighborhoods that constitute a social and geographical periphery, where groups of youth at risk between the ages of 13 and 18 are established and made into ambassadors for giving in their community. The youth provide, in secrecy, food to hundreds of needy families who receive assistance on a weekly basis. They initiate various giving activities and lead their implementation, with the most prominent participants taking part in a unique leadership development course. In addition, the youth undergo weekly educational activities to instill values ​​of respect, giving and contribution to the community. The program contributes to a significant reduction in the rates of violence, delinquency and dropout, increases the percentage of enlistment to the army and national service, and provides life skills and a capability to successfully integrate into society.

This program operates in the village fully, and once a week, about ten pupils go to secretly provide food packages to needy families in Kiryat Malachi.

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