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Vision and goals

The school puts the process that the pupils go through as a target in itself, believing that the diploma is the ticket for change in the life of these pupils, which would enable them to reach a better place in their choices throughout their lives.

We believe in the pupils and their capabilities and strengthen their positive aspects while providing a personal and tailormade response to all their needs. We work to generate a continuous streak of school, army service and employment, which would bring about social mobility for our graduates. We aspire to have every pupil graduate with a meaningful diploma by the end of the 12th grade. The school emphasizes building educational and social values combined with patience, tolerance, acceptance and respect for the pupils, the teachers and in between them.

School principal's words:

Rabbi Shlomo Karlibach said: “The only thing a child needs is a single grownup believing in him”

I believe that the main educational doing of the school is believing in the pupils, and enabling them to experience success, growth and progress.

Anyone who comes in the school gates, pupils and teachers as one, gets a respectful treatment and dignified conditions which encourage education, learning and meaningful doing.

A beneficial educational climate which is supportive and containing, is a central tool in the work of the school staff, and the responsibility for success lies on the shoulders of each and every one of us.

The school is a place of excellence and success which leads its pupils to be proud adults, and good influencing citizens.

Ravit Cohen
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