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פקל קפה בשקיעה

Vision and goals

Kemda Youth Village is an educational, therapeutic and professional community, raising independent adults, leaders having influence on society. The village resides in a nurturing and protective environment, enabling the accomplishment of the personal excellence and success of each pupil. The village community promotes the values of dignity, responsibility, trust, love and excellence.

Our vision is to accommodate the population of at-risk teens, who have dropped out of the various educational programs.

Allow them to fulfill their wishes and their scholar, educational and family goals. Provide them with values of love for humans, the environment and nature.

Provide them with the values of freedom and democracy, raise them to be people of choice, choosing their own path in life without being dependent on others, but having the resources to seek guidance if needed.

The Kedma Youth Village aspires to build educational and therapeutic programs, which allow each pupil to find his place. To generate a space which allows success for each pupil according to his or her needs. To operate valuable educational, therapeutic programs tailor made for the needs of each pupils. Operating continuation program for 12th grade graduates according to their needs (mentor program, higher education, army preparation, leadership. Etc.). Keeping the welfare of the pupil and his health at the highest level. Teaching social habits and skills. Encouraging the sense of belonging and of personal empowerment, and even improve relationships with parents and the family.

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