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The Agricultural Farm

Kedma Youth Village operates an agricultural farm with a therapeutic orientation, which makes the pupils connect to the place they are in, a place where they can relax and get new work skills.

The farm promotes the individual goals of the pupils and the pupils have regular classes in their personal schedules. It enables extracurricular learning in pastoral and inviting spaces.

There are seven different branches in the farm, which are maintained by the pupils in the village, under the direction and guidance of the coordinators of the branches and the Year of Service volunteers. The branches are:

Petting zoo

you will find many animals: goats, emu, miniature horse, chinchillas, ferrets, parrots, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, lambs, roosters, peacocks and ducks. The petting zoo is a pastoral and enchanting garden where we love to go to pet animals, rest for the sound of the water, talk and work. We learn how to care for and nurture the animals, and especially how to give and receive love from them.


The stable operates throughout the day in various settings: during the morning as part of the school - both as a matriculation track and as a regular lesson and during the afternoon as an extracurricular activity. We learn the entire riding process from the care and grooming of the horses, through the enforcement and the replacement of the hoofs, to riding at various levels. They ride in a menage, around the village and on exciting trips outside the village.


In the greenhouse of Kedma we raise bees and during the year we make organic honey. In this branch we experience bee handling and honey production.


In the Kedma greenhouse we grow organic products sold to Habibian farm. The greenhouse provides a unique opportunity for pupils to get to work early in the morning, when the sun rises before school, and get paid for their work. We learn to work the land, recognize vegetables and plants that we did not know and learn what is hard work.


The landscaping branch is responsible for all the landscaping in the village. In this branch we receive training and work on various tools - lawnmower, scythe, bellows and more.

A metal workshop and a carpentry workshop

At the metal workshop and the carpentry shop in Kedma, we experience various professional jobs, and accumulate much experience and knowledge. In the carpentry workshop we experience the construction of kitchens, closets and bathrooms, and in the metal workshop in gates, doors and other metal works. We join the installations at the customers’ homes and accompany the entire production and service process. There is an option to issue a profession certificate in a metal or a carpentry workshop.

The primary goals of the farm are:

  • Providing capabilities and work skills

  • A professional, therapeutic, educational solution suited to each pupil

  • Promoting values: work ethic, teamwork, meeting deadlines, responsibility, love of the land and of animals.

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