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Service Year in Kedma

The Service Year in Kedma is a challenging and meaningful year, where each volunteer joins a team of boys or girls in a certain grade, whom he/she will escort throughout the year, and play the role of a big brother/sister.

In addition to the group which they escort, each volunteer is assigned an agriculture branch, which he/she would operate, including: organic green houses, bee hives, petting zoo, horse stables, gardening and the school.

The volunteer work starts in the morning assembly at the school yard, where the community is being briefed about the upcoming day and gathers the pupils for the various farming activities.

During the school day, the volunteers join selected classes in order to help and promote the pupils in their studies.

After the school day, the volunteers can take a couple of hours off, dedicated to some rest and to personal activities. During the year, the community is in charge of executing highlight weeks and events, and during each Saturday, the community members perform a Friday night show and operate the various Saturday activities.

In the afternoon hours, the volunteers join the extracurricular activities of the pupils, and go to various escorts outside the village, when needed. On Tuesdays, each volunteer operates an evening activity of this choice to his team. The work of the volunteer ends at bedtime, where they are available for personal conversations in their rooms.

Kedma Youth Village sees the Service Year volunteers as the highest esteem and value, and provides them with a free hand to generate and initiate, includes them in the various staff meetings, as well as provides them with a community guide, an emotional guide, and many other mentors being there to assist the volunteers. That is why the Service Year in Kedma requires a creative and initiative mind.

The Agricultural Union is the body who sends the Service Year volunteers to the village, allowing every potential candidate to be qualified for Kedma, implementing the values of this youth movement and in the future, founding a branch of the movement in the village.

If you are interested in doing something meaningful, and devote a year of your life before the army service, while being part of a giant loving family, your place is with us!

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