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הפנימייה מלמעלה

Village CEO's Words

In the year 1994 I came to volunteer for a Service Year in Kedma, and I fell in love. Kedma changed my life, and with the years I beginning to see why. To me, Kedma is a place to go through transformation and personal growth. It is true for each and every one, whether they are pupils or staff.

“Faith and love are the very essence of life in the world and in the next. Nothing stays in life when it is being stripped off these two lights. Both faith and love” (Rabbi Kook).


This quote, to my mind, is the essence of Kedma.

Faith – faith is the deep knowing that we should not let the circumstances of life that brought our pupils to Kedma, to dictate their future. Faith is the ability to look ahead, not judge our pupils by the reality of their past and to the reality they are found in the present. We must look into their future, and believe they will succeed. We have faith in the ability of our pupils to change. Our faith in our pupils is contagious, and causes our pupils to have faith in themselves. A pupil who starts to believe in himself, returns to dreaming, starts aiming high and demanding more of himself.

Having faith in a pupil means not to give in to him and not give up on him.

Love – love is the fertile ground on which every good thing in life grows. Love generates a connection between people, a connection between our staff people and our pupils. A miracle happens when a pupil starts to love himself and connect with himself. The language of love in Kedma finds expression in the big hug, the caring for the little details. Anyone who comes to work in Kedma arrives to this place out of love for the pupils and love to the place itself. You cannot work at the village without love, you simply will not make it. Working in the village is no simple job, and it requires endless tolerance. Love gives power and helps us overcome the obstacles in our way.

When faith and love for our pupils guides us on our way, we can concur every mountain top.

Best regards,

 Shahar Rubinstein – Village Manager

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