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מסע התבגרות

The journey of maturation

The journey of maturation is one of the most significant milestones that the village pupils undergo and the young pupils look forward to the day they set out on this journey. The journey changes the perception of the lives (self and social) of the pupils who attend it.

The journey of maturation is a journey for pupils of the 11th grade. The journey takes five days in the hills of Eilat, where the pupils are divided into groups, each with a group of four, each of which has the necessary equipment for the journey (including food, sleeping bags, mattresses, cooking equipment and a map). This equipment is carried by the pupils themselves throughout the journey. They must navigate the journey alone, take care of each other and cook during the journey. During the journey, they walk and navigate individually, and perform various tasks that contribute to the process they are going through. The preparations for the journey already start in the village: a preparation day in the field, learning navigation, lectures, etc.

The journey places the pupils in extreme condition and takes the pupils out of their comfort zone and from their familiar area. This is a significant part of making the journey meaningful and process-oriented. Each team is joined by an adult team that accompanies it from a distance, but makes sure that everything goes well and successfully, while providing a sense of complete independence for the pupils. At the end of the journey the campers arrive at the youth village where they meet their families and the rest of the village's pupils in a moving ceremony that constitutes a significant milestone in the journey they are currently completing.

The goals of the journey:

  • Creating a sense of self-ability and personal empowerment of the pupils.

  • Personal empowerment will lead to scholastic success (attendance at school and success in matriculation)

  • Develop layered leadership and encourage responsibility in school.

  • Unifying the participants in the journey.

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