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The therapeutic array

The therapeutic team at the Kedma youth village serves as a multidisciplinary therapeutic discipline. It is our role and responsibility to lead the professional knowledge about the normative developmental process of the adolescents who are educated by us.

We escort them on their journey towards empowerment and emotional, ethical and family identity formation, with a sense of belonging in full partnership with the team in the village. All the while, creating a deep personal and containing connection with our pupils.

The therapeutic staff consists of social workers, a psychologist counsel, an animal therapist, an art therapist and a children and teens psychiatric counselor.

Our areas of expertise are: behavioral therapy for children diagnosed with ADHD/ADD, art therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), DBT therapy, treatment of victims of sexual abuse, treatment to prevent the use of psychoactive substances.

The psychosocial system provides each pupil with an appropriate response to his family, and his mental and therapeutic situation. Each pupil is customized with a program that will suit his needs according to his abilities.

In this regard, we, the team of social workers, serve as a case-managers of each age group, that each of us is responsible for and co-leads together with the coordinator of the age group, to build individual and group programs to promote change processes and create a safe and encouraging environment for development and growth. Such that our graduates will be independent, with skills and capabilities that contribute to society.

Among our responsibilities, the therapeutic team:

  • Aclimation and sorting processes

  • Training of the multi-disciplinary staff

  • Training and teaching of pupils

  • Individual and group therapy

  • Strengthening the connection with each pupil’s family

  • Leading meetings between parents and family members

  • Building programs in cooperation with the multi-disciplinary team in the village

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