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About the school

In the high school of Kedma Youth Village study about 130 pupils between the 9th and 12th grade (100 dormitory pupils and 30 external pupils). There are 7 classrooms, each containing up to 17 pupils, and 3 additional classrooms of special education.

We, the school staff, has over 30 teachers having an extensive experience, professionals who work out of their belief in the pupils and in a grand love.

Our pupils can choose between two programs:

  • Theoretical program in an agriculture track (training in horses or nutrition)

  • Technological program in system maintenance track (training in biorobotics)

Our pupils are guided towards completing the full 21 points of the matriculation exams, a 14 points technological diploma or a professional diploma (for example – a horse riding tutor). The school has a variety of alternatives that support studying and enable relaxation and recharge times.

The school also includes a center that promotes studying in the afternoon hours. The center operates to give additional tutorial support for our pupils even when the school is not active. The pupils receive personal support and a customized promotion fit for the level of each pupil. The center operates in the youth village library, with a cozy and homey environment, which is pleasant for studying and reading, generated with the intention of presenting the pupils with maximal support throughout the year.

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