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School programs

.All school programs constitute a level of 5-point matriculation


Agriculture – training in horses

This program involves theoretical and practical studies. In the theoretical portion, the pupils learn about the structure and systems of the horse’s body, horses’ reproduction, nutrition, riding guidelines and more. In the practical portion, the pupils learn and train in horseback riding, saddling, how to care and nurture horses, the pupils work on their body language in front of the horses and learn how to read the body language of the horse. They take care of the horses and care for all their needs: feeding, cel 

.cleaning, horse cleaning, hooves replacement and saddling


Agriculture – training in nutrition

This program involves theoretical and practical studies. In the theoretical portion, the pupils learn about food composition and its function in the human body, healthy and correct nutrition, building a beneficial diet menu, food processing, microorganisms in the food industry and more. In the practical portion the pupils experience in various cooking and baking methods of different food types.

Technological program – Mechanical engineering with training in system maintenance

The technological program in Kedma was opened to make the advancement and future professions accessible for our pupils. The studying in this program are conducted with a full cooperation of the army air force and Intel company, and at relevant timings, the pupils go out to perform practical work in the company’s labs, in order to “get them as close as possible to the production floor”. The program pupils learn the culture of technical work, team work, innovation and creativity, exposure to the state-of-the-art technologies and more. The pupils experience with planning, production and programming robots for difference activities, technical drawing and 3D printing, learning and building drones, and many other fascinating subjects.

The school graduates who would graduate this program successfully would be given the option to be incorporated in the technological units of the army air force, where after a meaningful army service they would be given an option to be incorporated as employees in one of the leading Hi-Tech companies in the country.

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