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חניכות בדשא

About the Boarding School

The Kedma Boarding School educates and cares for youth from all over the country who have high potential to succeed, but have not been given the opportunity to utilize their abilities in their natural environment. This is a boarding school in a rural environment with high social involvement, which succeeds in rehabilitating detached youth until they become useful citizens and contribute to society, all the while maintaining a continuous contact with the families and the community.

The boarding school offers a diverse and rich complementary activity, which enables each pupil to develop his or her interests. The informal activities include horseback riding, field bikes, gymnasium, art, music studies, "Follow me!" - preparation for the IDF, participation in the "Sakhi" project and more.

Life in the boarding school is characterized by a connection to nature. This is reflected both through agricultural activity, in the greenhouse, in the hive, in the horse stables and in the animal farm of Kedma, and through the preservation of the environment. The sports fields and the gym encourage daily sports as a way of life.

The therapeutic process of the pupils includes various treatment methods: social workers who accompany the pupils intensively, alongside other treatment frameworks such as art therapy, sandbox treatment, animal therapy, horseback riding, psychological treatment and psychiatric treatment.

The pupils live in groups according to their age group, and there is a gender separation between boys and girls. Each group has up to 20 pupils and each room has 3 members. Each group has a common living space, including a living room, a dining area and a kitchenette. The group is home to the pupils, where they feel safe, loved and belonged.

Each group has a number of instructors, and during the day the pupils always have a person to approach. The instructors are the "mother and father" of the pupils and are always there for them 24/7.

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