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Exclusive programs

The school operates many exclusive programs operating to find the right program for each pupil, to develop and enrich our pupils. Among these programs could be found:

Personal systems

tailormade “custom” for each pupil according to their personal needs. Structuring an education program, goals and a personal schedule to drive each pupil for maximal success.

Peers group

in the course of a character building program (mentoring and developing coping abilities for teens), was put together a peer group of representatives from the 10th and 11th grade, training in the subjects of eliminating drug and alcohol (with the help of the police), with the aim of them forwarding the discussions to their grade peers as well as to the younger 9th graders.

Instrumental enrichment

a curriculum composed of workbooks designed to promote learning ability and to create mediation processes and experience in mediated learning. The program is designed to develop new skills and use them effectively, as well as ways of solving problems.


Collaboration with HP Indigo in Kiryat Gat in order to reinforce the pupils towards 4 and 5 English units. The studies take place within the company once a week, where the company employees await them to learn and experience the English language together.


Cooperation with Intel in Kiryat Gat towards the matriculation in mathematics. The studies take place at Intel once every two weeks, together with the company employees. The pupils undergo an experiential learning that is different from their usual studies. In addition, the pupils of the technological track come once a month to study and experience at the Intel lab, where they receive practical and professional experience from one of the leading companies in the market.


As part of the studies toward a full matriculation certificate, each pupil is committed to one unit in the sciences studies. In our school, the Science Program works in cooperation with the Davidson Institute (the educational branch of Weizmann Institute of Science). Learning is experiential through scientific experiments and products.

Ben Ari

Eliakim Ben Ari Company is a company for earthworks and engineering projects that trains pupils from grades 11-12 to work and be employed in the company. The pupils leave once a week to work in the field and receive various training programs, including a tractor driver's license.

Young Entrepreneurs

In collaboration with HP Indigo and Sapir College, the village runs the Young Entrepreneur Project, which depicts a business company set up by our pupils. They are divided into positions in the company: CEO, Director of Finance, Production Manager, Manager Marketing, etc., and develop a product all under the supervision and guidance of Mentors who work at HP Indigo in Kiryat Gat.

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