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בוגרי קדמה

Graduates Department

A graduate pupil who completes his formal education period continues to receive guidance from the village by the Graduates Department composed of the coordinator of the department and four teacher soldiers serving in Kedma. The Graduates Department of the village maintains continuous contact with the graduates, is attentive to their needs and progress and is happy to help, advise, direct and support. Kedma Youth Village is guiding its graduates all the way. Graduates starting from the age of 18 and up any age can be assured that the village will always serve as an address for guidance and assistance in any area.

The escort is a bridge to integrate the graduates into society, the day after “Kedma”. 

The 11th Grade

The department accompanies the pupils of the village already in their 11th grade by preparing for the First Order and a joint field trip of the class staff with all the pupils to the recruitment office in Be'er Sheva for a "Uniform Order," a concentrated day during which all the pupils undergo the aptitude tests of the First Order.


The 12th Grade

Throughout the 12th year, the department introduces and promotes the pupils to go to pre-military preparatory programs, knowing that a year of service / preparatory program contributes greatly to the maturity, independence, and preparation of the graduate to the army.

At the beginning of the 12th year, every mentor who has common interests with his pupil is invited to open up the social circles for him, to advise, to be an older brother, to listen and to support the graduate when the Village time is over and with his return to home, and leave for a Year of Service, preparatory program or Army service.


Graduates house

The graduates house structure serves as a temporary home for graduates. This apartment can accommodate up to four graduates at the same time. The graduates house is a "landing place before taking off". Its function is to provide breathing space and organization for graduates who need it.

After the military/Year of Service

The Graduates Department encourages diploma studies / vocational studies through the "You have an address" program of the Director of the Center for Rural Education, where the graduates are given free advice and guidance for their future. In addition, the department helps to connect mentors with those who need it and wish to do so.


Remember that the village is always with you, even in the day after!

To contact us: Dalit 054-2374508

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