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עושים כושר

Conquering Heights

The Project of Conquering Heights is a project in which 11th and 12th graders participate. It is passed on by veterans of elite units and its ultimate goal is to encourage the pupils to do meaningful military service.

Project participants meet once a week for training. Training takes place in different places and in different training methods: training at Kedma, the beach, the pool, crossfit training, MMA, Krav Maga and more. In addition, the project's pupils perform one or two additional trainings during the week.

Project Goals:

  • To impart principles and values ​​that are required for the pupils to manage a normative and successful life (values ​​such as integrity, adherence to purpose, consistency, developed sense of justice, congruence between actions and talk).

  • Developing the physical and mental abilities of the pupil.

  • Avoiding criminal activity and the use of alcohol and prohibited substances by program participants

  • Encouragement to serve a significant military service - as fighters and fighters in elite units, encouragement to do a Year of Service or preparatory courses, and an encouragement to integrate into educational and volunteer activities as they leave Kedma.

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