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Who are we?

The Kedma Youth village is a unique home for teens at the ages of 13 to 18 years, studying in the 8th-12th grade, coming to us from all over the country. These are teens who have dropped out of all education programs at various stages and from a variety of reasons. Most of them suffer from learning disabilities, behavioral problems and emotional difficulties which do not allow their availability for studying. The educational and therapeutic systems in the village seek to enable these pupils to go through a developmental process, while experiencing change and growth. This is our way to reignite the spark in these pupils, which has already burnt out along the way.

We work to generate a unique educational model of escorting our graduates until the age of 24. A model which provides our pupils with tool to handle life in the modern world. This model begins at school and training in the village, and in collaboration with the Army Air Force, continues into the army service and in escorting the pupils after their discharge into their incorporation into Hi Tech companies.

The village graduates will serve a meaningful army service, with minimum dropouts, while encouraging their participation in pre-army preparatory programs and in volunteering to a Service Year.

קדמה מבט אווירי

Avi, Chance for rehabilitation program coordinator in Kedma

At the age of 15 I was a nonsense guy. When there was a mess, they called me and I came first.

In Kedma, I found meaning, and I also found a friend and a big brother up to these days, it was my mentor.

A day after I returned from my big trip to India after serving the army, I came back to Kedma to work.

Throughout the years, in the army and after it, I felt part of the village.

Liran, village graduate, academic student for gender and feminism, running a group in Tzofia dormitory

I came to Kedma at the age of 14, and it immediately became my new home.

The amazing staff never let me drop out, and this is what makes this wonderful place unique. I graduated high school with honors and I was a discipline major.

After the army, I came back to escort girls like myself, as a mentor and as a coordinator.

Israel, graduate of 2012, academic student and working for Intel

In the 9th grade I didn’t really go to school. My mother use to leave for work early and I stayed at home sleeping. I think that the thing that brought me together in Kedma is the caring love of the people there.

In school it was the home room teacher and in the dormitory it was the entire staff. Today, I’m in the Kedma-Intel program, where I am completing my electrician degree while working in Intel.

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